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October 2015

Kaikoura Hop, Oktoberfest, Birthday Invite, Upcoming events


September 2015

Kohatu, Elbe, Rabbit Island, Upcoming events


June 2015

Obituary, June mystery event, Hannover, Upcoming events


May 2015

Bremen Classic Motor Show,Camping in the Orchard, High Tea, VW Nationals, Upcoming events


March 2015

Bocholt Store, Nelson Wineries, Nelson Motor Show, Upcoming events


February 2015

Rabbit Island Wednesdays, Nelson Motor Show, Kahatu Motor Park, Upcoming events


December 2014

HO VW Show, Blow Karting, Upcoming events


November 2014

Rabbit Island Wednesdays, Moutere Inn, VW Kombi Rally, Upcoming events


October 2014

Offroad racing, Father's Day show, Kaikoura Hop, Brazil Kombi's, Haven's 60 Years of VW, upcoming events


September 2014

Did I really see this?  Run to the Sun, upcoming events



August 2014

Riwaka Whalf, Octo 2014, 25th VW Nationals 2015, event ideas


July 2014

Brass Monkey camp with Mid Winter dinner, The Baty's beetle on display, 25th VW Nationals 2015


June 2014

Trip to the Forest, Maikaefertreffen, 25th VW Nationals 2015,  upcoming events, ...


May 2014

VW Nationals 2014, Classic 2014, 25th VW Nationals 2015,  VW info sort, upcoming events, ...

March 2014

Rabbit Island Wednesday's, Nelson Car Show(s), A day in the Sounds, VW Nationals 2014, upcoming events, ...


February 2014

Rabbit Island Wednesday's, Hospice Car show, George's story, Nelson Car Show(s), Karmann Project, VW Nationals 2014, upcoming events, ...

December 2013/January 2014

Annual Club Rewards, VW Books, Karmann Project, Kombi Kaputz Kruise, upcoming events, ...


November 2013

End of an Era, Annual IG T2 Meet, upcoming events, ...

October 2013

Source to the Riwaka, Herbie's movie night, Karmann Ghia project update, upcoming events, ...


September 2013

2014 Nationals registration open, Radio Bremen, Karmann Ghia project update, upcoming events, ...

August 2013

Tophouse run, Germany, Bockhorn Oldtimer Festival, Karmann Ghia project update, upcoming events, ...


July 2013

The Mid Winter Christmas Dinner, Geeste air-cooled show, upcoming events, ...


June 2013

The Mystery Run, upcoming events, ...


May 2013

Anzac Day Lunch, New Karmann Ghia Project, upcoming events, ...


April 2013

BBQ/Camp in the Apple Orchard, VW Nationals Taranaki, upcoming events, ...


March 2013

Das Alpentour 10th Anniversary, The Greatest Oldtimers Show in Northern Europe, Club T-shirts, Wedding Beetles, upcoming events, ...


February 2013

Mexican/Fish 'n Chip evening, VW Nationals Registration, Das Alpentour 2013, radio article recording, upcoming events


January 2013

Christmas Camp/BBQ/Bonfire, Moggy's Uncle's VW history, upcoming events


December 2012

Annual review, Club Awards, Mildred's journey home to date, Christmas Camp/BBQ and our first event for 2013


October/November 2012

Busfest 2012, Brighton Breeze 2012 ...

September 2012

Slip Inn Lunch, Run to the Sun report from Ludwig....

August 2012

Quiz Night; Keri & Daryl's Update ....

July 2012

Midwinter Christmas Dinner, Club Member disaster...

June 2012

Pottery visit, Treasure hunt, etc ...

May 2012

VW Nationals Otago,....

April 2012

Picnic in the Orchard,Winter Workshop Germany, Volkswagen Classic Magazine article ...

March 2012

Das Alpentour 2012, Orienteering, Bremen Classic Motorshow, Mildred's European Tour, ...

February 2012

Fish & Chips at the beach, Club clothing, VW Nationals 2012, New changes to our Road Rules, etc....


January 2012

Christmas Camp, 2012 Events Calendar



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